Is tennis your passion?

Are you working on your skills, but feel that there is something missing? In that case it is time to look at your tennis development from a different perspective.

Does this describe you?

  • I’m a young tennis player between the age of 9 and 18.
  • I participate in tournaments. I’m ambitious and talented, but there are still a lot of things I need to work on.
  • Training at my club is great, but I need more privacy and focus to polish certain aspects of my game.

If you know which skills you need to work on the most, that is the first step to become a real pro! It takes a confident and motivated player to figure out such things on your own and be outspoken about it. I believe in the collaboration with my students. I want to help you improve every aspect of your game as well as give you the confidence to succeed in the long run.

I offer tennis lessons for young students who’ve already learned to play at a club. It may be a long term cooperation or just a supplement of your regular training. My flexible programs make it possible for us to meet regularly or just for a brief period of time, train some aspects more intensively. I provide general training of all abilities or perfecting any particular skill(s) you want. I help you in planning and setting goals and teach the importance of commitment to what you do. Through my network of contacts I can also help you participate in international tournaments.

Take a look at my offer of tennis programs for juniors in Malmö.

Technical programs

My offer includes thorough and flexible technique trainings. Click the button below to purchase 4, 6 or 10 technique lessons. Use them to either perfect the skills of your choice or follow my plan and complete a general training of all the aspects of tennis techniques.

There is so much more to technique than just swinging a racket. One needs to understand the mechanisms that make strokes efficient. A good coach thinks about the future and consider early technique trainings as basics, to help a student develop an individual playing style. One that emphasize his/her qualities and prevent an opponent from exploiting weaknesses. A good coach also teaches the student to adapt the choice of technique for different situations at the tennis court. This is all part of my approach.

My technical programs create a player and improve a player. The first step to benefit from the programs is simply the acceptance that one can’t become an excellent player, without excellent technique.

Tactical programs

For a competitive junior, tactical proficiency is not just a big advantage. It’s a must. It makes fitness and technique training worthwhile. It provides you with intelligence necessary to fully benefit from all the effort.

I offer two packages of intensive tactical training. The 6-lesson package includes 2 lessons of percentage tennis, an extremely productive method teaching consistency and logic on the court, and 4 lessons dedicated to build the student’s own individual playing style. The 10-lesson package includes 2 lessons of percentage tennis and 8 lessons to build the individual playing style, plus a written analysis of student’s development and professional advice to help set goals for the future.

I teach you how to use you strengths in the most efficient way and at the same time exploit the weaknesses of the opponent. I consider all of your characteristics, including physiology, technique and mentality, to help you develop the most efficient individual style. I arm you with knowledge that helps you perfect you skills on a daily basis.