Mandala Tennis – the holistic approach to tennis

As a tennis adept your will feel that your specific needs are first priority. The goals you want to achieve, the problems you want to solve, the skills you want to develop. At Mandala we take them all under consideration. That’s the holistic approach.

To master the game, you have to master yourself.

Mandala provides unique, individual and fully personalized tennis lessons for young talents, dreaming of becoming professional players, as well as adults who wish to brush up on their tennis skills for all kinds of reasons.
The owner and creator of Malmö based Mandala Tennis is Artur Baron. With years of experience, both national and international, he has developed a unique tennis program that looks at the whole picture, to create success. Take a look below and get familiar with Mandala offer.

Let‘s play!

Junior programs

Individual training sessions for ambitious juniors with an experienced coach – choose a program that best suits your needs and meet me at a court!

Adult programs

Did you play tennis a while back and want to start again? Or do you have no experience at all and want to play just for fun and for health benefits? Tailored training sessions to meet your personal needs.