Do you love tennis?

There are many reasons why tennis is considered one of the best options for anyone who wants to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Just three hours of tennis per week is enough to reduce the risk of many diseases. It helps improve your confidence and is an amazing source of energy and optimism. It can also become a lifestyle. No matter which of these reasons are the most important to you – Mandala can help you.

Flexibility is the key to why our offer is the right choice.

If you’re an amateur who plays tennis for fun, but the lack of time doesn’t let you train as much as you wish at a local club – I’m the solution. With me, you can train in the morning, late in the evening, or whenever is most convenient for you. If you’re an amateur playing at a club but are unsure of your skills, I can provide exactly what you need. Mandala offers general training for all tennis abilities or specific training to brush up on particular skills, on an individual basis or in a group of two. You don’t have to be good at tennis to enjoy it. However, it is always more pleasurable when you can see the results of your efforts. When you can actually compete – even when it’s only against your friends or yourself. In that case you need to work on your skills, with no one around – just you and your teacher. I can provide that.

Take a look at my offer of tennis programs for adults in Malmö

Excersice programs

I used my experience to develop tennis lessons for adults, who have little or no experience in tennis. The goal is to teach you the basics of tennis, show you how fun tennis is and, as the title says, make you move. Just click the button below to get started.

Technical/Tactical Programs

There are three areas every tennis player needs to work on all the time, to reach their full potential – fitness, technique and tactics. With my technical/tactical program you can do all that at the same time.

I offer two types of lesson packages for adult tennis players, who wish to improve their abilities. Both the 6 and 10 lesson package offer a balanced mixture of technique exercises and basics of tactics, to provide you knowledge how to reduce number of mistakes and outsmarting your opponent. My flexible approach makes it easy to return to any aspect you wish to work on, or simply focus on one particular skill.

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