Do you train or do you exercise?

Do you know why you go to the training every time?

Do you practice because you’ve set clear measurable performance goals and want to achieve them? Or you just go there because you want to be tired and do something funny?
If you’ve answered YES to the first question then you train, if to the second then you exercise.

Let me explain a bit closer what the difference between those two options is.

Exercising is when you do sport activity just to get immediate effects. Each workout is performed to satisfies your needs of be tired, get sweaty, do something funny, etc. When you do exercise you repeat the same set of exercises almost every workout and measure your level of satisfaction with the inner voice: GREAT, today I did good job.

Training, on the other hand, lead to long time improvement. You do focus on future performance goals, and don’t satisfy yourself with just one good workout. Training is well planned process, and should ensure that you reach best possible form exactly when you want it. Training takes time, motivation and commitment towards ultimate goal. Usually it requires planing and instruction from person familiar with process. Whole process can be compared to puzzle – each workout is only small part of the big picture.

Many years of experience of active involvement in sport, both like a athlete and coach, tell me that most people is exercising. Naturally this is OK, until you don’t have any ambition to reach peaks of your potential. But what if you feel that you want something more?

It’s time to ask few questions and become aware what actually you do!

Why am I involved in sport activity?
What is my ultimate performance goal?
Do I know how to reach this goal?
Do I have clear plan of each workouts, week, month year?
How do I measure improvement?

Try to answer this questions few days in a row. Don’t over think, just write down first thoughts which comes to your head.

In the next few post I’m going to tell you more how you can train more effective. Stay tuned…